• Thank You Ribbon
    Article: Dec 15, 2019

    A big thank you to everyone in Harborough, Oadby and Wigston who voted for Zuffar Haq on Thursday. Our amazing team of volunteers fought a positive campaign & over 9,000 residents voted Liberal Democrat here, up by over quarter on last time.

    The Liberal Democrats won the backing of an extra 1.3 million voters across the country compared to 2017 - the biggest increase by far for any party.

  • Plans fro Britain's future
    Article: Dec 11, 2019

    Zuffar's 5-point plan for a Brighter Future for the residents of Harborough, Oadby and Wigston

    1. Stop Brexit

    • To provide a Β£50bn Remain Bonus.
    • Safeguarding jobs, local businesses, and free movement for residents of the Harborough Constituency.
    1. Invest in our NHS
    • An extra penny in-the-pound on Income Tax to meet the immediate priorities in social care.
    • Reverse Tory cuts to public health funding.
    • Boost spending on mental health services in local hospitals like St Luke's, GP surgeries and the Oadby Walk in Centre
  • Stand up to Boris Letter - will you sign
    Petition: Aug 29, 2019

    To Neil O'Brien MP,

    The decision by Boris Johnson to suspend Parliament in order to stop opposition to a no deal Brexit is undemocratic.

    Polling shows that Harborough, Oadby and Wigston no longer wants Brexit, especially a chaotic and damaging no deal Brexit.

    Will you stand up to Boris Johnson and do everything you can to stop a damaging no deal Brexit, including the option of voting against the Government in a vote of no confidence?