• Article: Sep 24, 2020

    There's been an angry reaction to the decision last Friday by the Leicestershire Conservative County Council's decision to press on with one Unitary authority for all of Leicestershire. This would mean the abolition of the seven district and Boroughs in the county. The meeting supported Tory council leader Nick Rushton writing to the government on behalf of the county council to signal to government their wish to press on with one unitary authority for the county.

  • Michael Mullaney
    Article: Sep 24, 2020

    The Liberal Democrats are calling for an extension of the Government's furlough scheme until the jobs market is "ready to bounce back" in the wake of "staggering job losses" across the country.

    With 37,500 people now relying on Universal Credit in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland the Party claims that extending furlough would help "stop this crisis getting even worse" and protect jobs for the future.

  • Petition: Aug 31, 2020

    To the Minister of Housing, Communities and Local Government:

    The expansion of permitted development rights - essentially allowing developers to convert offices and other commercial buildings with limited checks has led to very poor quality - and in some cases virtually uninhabitable - homes.

    The new proposed planning laws further risk low quality housing by "pre-approving" standard designs every 8 years, without further oversight by local councils and residents.