No Delay to Fixed Odds Betting Changes

November 14, 2018 9:20 PM
Bookmakers' frontage with responsible gambling posters (CC BY-SA 2.0 Alan Stanton on Flickr

Photo CC BY-SA 2.0 Alan Stanton

Local Liberal Democrats have welcomed the news that the maxmimum stake for Fixed-Odds-Betting-Terminals will be reduced from £100 to £2 in April 2019.

The Conservatives had wanted to delay the reduction until October. Bookmakers derive a large part of their revenue from this source and the proposed delay showed just how much the Conservatives are in the pocket of the gambling industry.

However, pressure from local councils and MPs have bought the changes forward.

Liberal Democrat Councillors across the country know first-hand the devastating impact that these machines have on some residents, fuelling problem gambling and indebtedness and creating misery in people's lives.

This is a victory for those like the Liberal Democrats who have been campaigning for this crackdown for a decade, and putting the interests of vulnerable people ahead of profits.