County Council budget shows Tory government continue to take people of Leicestershire for granted

February 23, 2022 5:36 PM
Originally published by Leicestershire Liberal Democrats

Leicestershire Liberal Democrats have attacked the Conservative government for taking the people of Leicestershire for granted.

It comes as the Conservative County Council budget was passed today, which included a 2.99% Council Tax rise. This means a Leicestershire Band D Council Taxpayer will have to pay over £42 more Council Tax to the County Council.

At the same time Leicestershire County Council is facing an estimated £39.5million budget shortfall by 2025/6.

Councillor Michael Mullaney

Leader of the opposition on Leicestershire County Council, Hinckley Liberal Democrat Councillor Michael Mullaney said "The people of Leicestershire are being taken for granted by this Tory government. Leicestershire is the worst funded County Council in the country. This means hard pressed Leicestershire residents having to pay more out of their pockets in Council Tax because of this Tory government's stinginess.

"In addition the County Council faces a huge budget blackhole of £39.5 million by 2025/6. The County Council have to make huge cutbacks to essential services and have big rises in Council Tax to bridge this gap. This means taxpayers paying more at a time when they face a massive cost of living crisis with rising inflation, interest rates and fuel bills and increases in National Insurance. Whilst the County Council will struggle to provide the vital services it has to provide, highways services to maintain our roads and social care for elderly people, disabled people and children.

"The Conservative leadership at the County Council have said that delivering fair funding for Leicestershire was a top priority. Yet despite having all Conservative MPs and a Conservative run County Council for 20 years we continue to be the worst funded County Council in the country."This Tory government takes the people of Leicestershire for granted. This County Council budget is just another example of this"

Lib Dem Finance spokesman Cllr Simon Galton said "This budget is characterised by uncertainty and risk.

"The funding crisis facing the Council has been going on now for 12 years and we are no nearer to seeing an end to austerity as it affects the provision of local services to the residents of Leicestershire. It really is time the Conservative Councillors told their colleagues in government to stop taking the County for granted."