Time for Tory government to act to protect vital local services in Leicestershire from the axe

July 12, 2022 3:06 PM
Originally published by Leicestershire Liberal Democrats
Michael Mullaney

Councillor Michael Mullaney leader of Leicestershire Lib Dems

Leicestershire County faces huge cuts to local services if the Conservative government does not act.

The issue of the dire financial situation at Leicestershire County Council was taken up by the leader of the opposition Lib Dem Councillor Michael Mullaney at the full council meeting.

Michael said "Leicestershire County Council is in a dire financial situation because for years it has been one of the worst funded counties in the country by this Tory government.

"We now have a situation where there is a budget gap of Β£70 million predicted at the County Council by 2025/26.

"This dire financial situation, caused in large part by the Tory government unfairly funding our area, means vital services are at risk. It potentially means bus services being lost, roads and pavements repaired even less often and huge pressures being placed on social care for elderly and disabled people."

Speaking after the meeting Michael Mullaney said "With a new Prime Minister coming into office it is high time that whoever that person is they ensure Leicestershire is fairly funded. If they don't and if the Conservatives continue to take people in Leicestershire for granted we will see devastating service cuts and rises in Council Tax over the coming years. With a cost of living crisis this is the last thing people in Leicestershire need"