Support Liberal Democrat campaigns in Harborough, Oadby & Wigston

The Liberal Democrats rely on donations from local residents.

Because we're not backed by big business or trades unions, all our leaflets and campaigning materials are paid for and distributed through local donations and support.

At a General Election each candidate by law can spend just over £15,000 during the campaign and much more in preparation for an election.

You can be sure that the Conservatives will spend every penny of that.

Please consider making a donation TODAY.. Over 70,000 people elect our MP and local councillors. We want to contact all of them.

There are four ways that you can donate:


A simple, secure way to donate and the fees to us are much lower than Paypal so we can put more of your donation towards fighting the election.





Popular online way to donate that accepts credit and debit cards, although the fees are a little higher than other methods.

Bank Transfer via BACS

No fees but may take a little more time to set up. Please contact us if you wish to donate via this method


Please make the cheque payable to "Harborough Liberal Democrats" and include your name, address and a contact number. Send your cheque to:

Peter James, Treasurer
Harborough Liberal Democrats
23 Middlebrook Green
Market Harborough
LE16 7DW

What your money does:

Here are some examples of what your gift could do to help Zuffar win:

  • £25 Pays for a leaflet on a local issue delivered by volunteers to 1,000 homes.
  • £50 Would fund a survey of local residents views.
  • £100 Would meet the costs of holding and advertising a residents meeting.
  • £250 Pays for 10,000 leaflets to keep local residents in touch across a ward.
  • £500 Covers the cost of a voter registration mailing to 1,000 residents.
  • £1,000 Pays for a constituency-wide volunteer delivery of Lib Dem newspapers.

Remember, we need the help of local supporters so that we can compete with the millions that fund the Conservatives.

Legal information

Donations to political parties, including sponsorship, are regulated by the Political Parties Elections and Referendums Act 2000.

Anybody can donate up to £500 in any one calendar year. The Liberal Democrats only accept donations over £500 from permissable donors*

If you make donations to the Liberal Democrats totalling more than £1,500 in any calendar year, we are required to report them to the Electoral Commission, who, depending on the amount, may publish the fact that you have donated to us**

More information is available on the Electoral Commission's website

* Permissible donors are: individuals on a UK electoral register (excluding the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man), UK Trade Unions, companies incorporated within the EU and registered and trading in the UK, Limited Liability Partnerships, UK unincorporated associations and UK building or friendly societies.

** Donations of more than £7,500 from the same donor to the Federal Liberal Democrats in a calendar year are required to be reported to the Electoral Commission. This applies to single donations of more than £7,500 or cumulative smaller donations which exceed £7,500 in the calendar year. The threshold for public disclosure of donations to local parties (including English regions, Scotland & Wales) is £1,500.

The name and address of the donor and the amount of the donation will be published on the Electoral Commission website. Addresses of individuals are not published.