Oppose changes to planning laws

To the Minister of Housing, Communities and Local Government:

The expansion of permitted development rights - essentially allowing developers to convert offices and other commercial buildings with limited checks has led to very poor quality - and in some cases virtually uninhabitable - homes.

The new proposed planning laws further risk low quality housing by "pre-approving" standard designs every 8 years, without further oversight by local councils and residents.

These changes:

  • Reduce or remove the right of residents to object to applications near them.
  • Grant automatic rights for developers to build on land identified as 'for growth'
  • Remove locally targeted section 106 payments for extra local education, health and transport facilities and their replacement with a national levy.
  • "Water down" the requirement of developers to build social or affordable housing.

90% of planning applications are approved and there are already huge numbers of homes that have permission n England but that developers won't build.

At the moment, people get two chances to be involved: once when the plan is made, and once when a planning application is submitted. The new proposals risk local residents only having a say every 8 years when a building code is agreed, not when individual developments are being put forward in their neighbourhood.

We the undersigned oppose these changes and ask for improved proposals to be brought forward.

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